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Spyderco Bread Knife BLK — Spyder Edge


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Spyderco Bread Knife BLK — Spyder Edge

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Product OverviewSpyderco Bread Knife BLK — Spyder Edge
Spyderco Bread Knife BLK — Spyder Edge
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Few kitchen cutting chores challenge a serrated Edge more than cutting bread—especially soft, freshly baked bread. Spyderco's all-new K01 Bread Knife redefines the breed by combining our time-tested original design with more than 40 years of hard-earned experience and in-depth research and development of serrated Edges. The K01’s exceptionally thin blade is crafted from corrosion-resistant MBS-26 stainless steel and expertly heat treated to yield a superior combination of sharpness, Edge retention, and flexibility. It features a highly refined serration pattern that cuts soft breads and cake without crushing or tearing, yet is still capable of powering through hard-crusted baked goods almost effortlessly. The exceptionally long blade adds to the knife’s cutting power and control, supporting clean, precise push or pull cuts with equal ease. To ensure a secure, comfortable grip and construction that will stand the test of time, the K01features an ergonomic, textured polypropylene handle with a stepped texture that is injection molded directly onto the tang.

Overall Length
15.41" (391mm)
Blade Length
10.24" (260mm)
Closed Length
" (mm)
Edge Length
9.92" (252mm)
3.9oz (111g)
Blade Thickness
0.055" (1.4mm)
Polypropylene Plastic
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type